ImmuneSigDB: A new compendium of immune signatures for GSEA Raphael Gottardo  2016-01-13
Status: Active
Expires: 2016-03-13 
As a result of a project supported by an Infrastructure and Opportunity Grant from the Human Immunology Project Consortium, Haining and colleagues have generated a collection of 5,000 annotated, immunology-specific gene sets and have used it to uncover shared and species-specific biology in mouse and human transcriptional responses to sepsis. The paper was published today in Immunity. This new collection of gene sets is available from MSigDB and can easily be used within ImmuneSpace using our built-in GSEA framework, simply select the "MSigDB c7" collection in the "Modules" dropdown menu. For more information on how to use our GSEA tool, please watch our tutorial.